France to Denmark April-May 2016

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Leaving Rouen and cruising the Seine to the English Channel

Rouen is on the Seine River. The river is navigable by smaller ocean–going vessels like ours for some 75 miles. After that, only much smaller river cruise boats and barges can get from Rouen to Paris.

The captain had to wait for the incoming tide (around 6 p.m.) in order to start the trip from Rouen back to the English Channel. That meant that we had dinner while looking at the countryside along the Seine. After dinner we went up to the observation deck to enjoy a wrap–around river view.

Home along the SeineThe homes along the river ranged from small single family dwellings to village homes to manor houses to chateaus.

Ferry on the SeineSince there are few if any bridges between Rouen and the English Channel, there are small ferries for cars and people every couple of miles along the river. Maybe it′s just one ferry company because all the ferries and loading docks look quite similar in construction. The river bank is quite steep on both sides but the ferry operators are able to lower gangplanks on both the entry and exit ends of the boat, in effect creating a movable bridge.

At some places along the way there is enough flatland for small farms. In other places, because the banks are lined with chalk cliffs (much like the ones in Dover), the area is so narrow that there is only room for a narrow road and a small house.

Along the Seine  Along the Seine  Along the Seine  Along the Seine

Some of the homes abutting the cliffs had caves behind them. The caves had doors, which means they are probably being used either as a wine cave and/or as a way to semi–refrigerate perishable food products of various sorts. We saw a larger cave with a garage door on it, so, was that for wine or storage for a car or tractor. Both? Neither? Mystery.

Evening Cruising the SeineCarol had a great time taking photos and took pictures until just before 10:00 p.m., which is when it got dark.

No touring today (May 7). We are sailing across the Channel. Calm and peaceful.

Although we didn′t think so initially, having several "days at sea" during this three–week cruise is really a nice break from touring every single day. We′re enjoying the chance to have more leisurely interactions with our fellow passengers. And the crew is amazing. Remembering everyone′s name is a talent that I have never mastered (Carol is great, however). By day two, the crew greets you by name. The association is at a personal level almost immediately. The crew come from all over the world and move around the world seamlessly, seemingly thriving on the vagabond life.

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