France to Denmark April-May 2016

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CHERBOURG, and the northern coast of Normandy

Today was a pleasant ride through northern Normandy along the coast. Cherbourg was all but bombed flat during WWII so everything dates from the end of the Forties. Cherbourg is a city full of history but largely confined to books, not its architecture. So we opted for a tour of the countryside.

Lots of picturesque old French villages:

Village village Village Village Village

And churches:

Churches Church Church Church Church 

And beaches:

Beach Beach Beach Beach 

And forts and lighthouses:

Forts and Lighthouses Forts & Lighthouses Forts & Lighthouses Forts & Lighthouses 

And farms:

Farms Farms Farms Farms Farms 

And we came back to the ship with our guide telling us that we had a beautiful day for this time of year. So, today there were no "Umbrellas of Cherbourg" in sight.

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