Helsinki to Norway July 2016
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July 23, 2016
From our Copenhagen hotel to the Seabourn QUEST

Since our driver wouldn't be at the hotel until noon and there was no organized tour on our schedule, we took the opportunity to stroll through Copenhagen on our own this morning. I wanted to purchase a set of trekking polls with a certain type of hand grip and I just can't find them in California. The main downtown shopping street was our destination. Although we've seen people with trekking sticks in both Sweden and here, there were none to be found in the sports shops the hotel concierge directed us to. However, the long walk down that main shopping street produced a welcome surprise because at the end was the Copenhagen City Hall Square including Tivoli Gardens.

I had wanted to take a couple of pictures on this square yesterday but either the car or the sun was at the wrong angle when we drove by. This square had some spots from which I wanted to take photos to compare them with the ones had taken years ago.

Taken yesterday:

Copenhagen Today   Copenhagen Today   Copenhagen Today

Taken decades ago:

Copenhagen 50 years past   Copenhagen 50 years past   Copenhagen 50 years past

The most noticeable difference between the two sets is the time of day the photos were taken. This time of year the sun is brutal and seems to always be directly in your face. The large structures clearly haven't changed except that yesterday's Tivoli photo was taken from the outside and the earlier photo of the Tivoli pagoda was taken inside the Gardens at night. The landscaping on the median by the City Hall is clearly grown and the tree is gone. However, the biggest change was the tourists. The Chinese, again, seemed to be everywhere and access in front of the fountain was limited by the Copenhagen crew of bicycle rickshaw drivers who picked that place to stop because of the shade.

CopenhagenOne item that I forgot yesterday is the interesting feature incorporated into some of the buildings in Copenhagen - grass and moss are grown on the roof for the purpose of sopping up the rain so less water is flushed into the wastewater system. In addition, sod roofs help moderate wild swings in indoor temperatures.

CopenhagenAnd we're off.

As you can see Carol is trying to hide her association with me.

I am writing this from the ship in our cabin - our home for the next twelve days.

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