Circle the Arctic 2015

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Where it all began

We decided not to go directly to Virginia to visit family and to stay in Boston an extra day. I have been in Boston before since I lived in Springfield, Mass. and went to graduate school for my Masters in Worcester. Carol had only been to Boston for business meetings, not as a tourist.

We kind of lazed around in the morning, repacking everything in the large suitcases that will be shipped back to Solana tomorrow morning. We turned them into storage bins − mine being largely clothes that need to be cleaned. Our hotel is right across the street from the Boston Commons. We had never walked it before and found it delightfully old fashioned and well maintained.

We then struck out to find the Freedom Trail. The Trail is market in the streets with a row of red bricks. All you have to do is find a part of the trail and follow it. The streets of Boston were said to be laid out by paving the paths made by the settlers' cattle. The City Fathers continued this semi-random street design process to this day. Boston is considerably more developed since the last time I was here and has become a canyon of high-rises carved by a meandering river. We got lost from the beginning and stayed that way until we got back to the hotel.

Carol wanted to see the Charles River and so we walked from Copley Plaza to the River − asking directions along the way and getting conflicting answers. Amusingly, a native Bostonian was looking for a city building and asked us where State Street was. We helped him become more confused and sent him on his way. Just around the corner we ran into State Street and he was walking on the Street coming from another direction.

We are going to a seafood restaurant tonight. I want New England fried clams and baked stuffed lobster.

Today officially ends our Northern Summer trip. As I have done in the past, I intend to write a summary of the trip, warts and all, after I've had a chance to reflect a little more on it.

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